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Five Senses Theater Group is a professional theatre group and acting school in Mumbai. We constantly evolving plays which are then staged at around the India and abroad, theatre festivals etc. Our aim is to produce interactive and socially relevant theatre and to make it financially viable.
we also conduct acting courses, The primary thrust of the acting workshops is to create an atmosphere in which the actor can build upon their own processes to get into the skin of their characters. The workshop dives into advanced techniques that entail in-depth script analysis, characterization process, scene design and construction, and much more. The Five Senses acting school run by NSD & FTII professionals..

Acting Courses

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Diplma in Acting

The primary thrust of the workshop is to create an atmosphere in which the actor can build upon their processes to get into the skin of their characters. The classes are conducted by NSD & FTII professionals. The workshop dives into advanced techniques that entail in-depth script analysis, characterization, scene construction etc.

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Weekend Acting Course

Weekend acting workshop provides specialized training in acting and its different aspects. The classes at Five Senses are conducted by NSD & FTII faculties who passionately teach the craft through practical and theory classes, improvisations, games, exercises etc.   

Date -  July 6, 2024 / Timing - 1:30pm to 4pm

Days - Saturday and Sunday
Duration - 4 Months
Fees - 4000 per month
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Advanced Acting classes

Five Senses introduces a practice based an advanced, vigorous, intensive creative curriculum-based and participatory acting workshop that the showcase of a studio scene works, plays and Camera work that we will develop during the workshop.

Date - July 17, 2024

Timing - 2pm to 4:30pm

Fees - 5000 (per month)

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Speech and Drama Club for Children

Five Senses Theatre Group consists of a group of actors, and teachers who are working with children and performing for children. The major focus of Five Senses Theatre Group is to conduct creative curriculum-based and participatory workshops in schools, even independent workshops specially designed and prepared for children of different age groups. The major thrust of the workshop is to create an atmosphere to encourage children, to raise questions, and make decisions and choices with an awareness of themselves within the larger society.

Date - July 14, 2024
Timing - 12pm - 2pm
Days -  Saturday & Sunday
Duration - 6 Months
Fees - 4000/- per Month (One Time - 21000/-)
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Glimpses Of The Acting Workshop

Get Trained In
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre


Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre


Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Camera - Screen Work

Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Scene Study & Analysis

Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Audition Techniques

Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Voice & Speech

Our Star Alumnis

Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

With Whom We Worked

Five Senses Theatre Team

Hardik Shah is an Actor, Director, Theatre-maker and founder of Five Senses Theatre Group. He is graduate from National School of Drama (NSD) and diploma from Shree Ram Centre for Performing Arts (SRC). His works include films as an actor like "Whiskey is Risky"(Gujarati), "Venalodungathey" (Malayalam), TVC's, short films, TV Serials just name a few and as a Theatre Director, He designed and directed plays like "Kiss of the Spider Woman", "Parineeta", "The pillowman", "The Airport", "Rustom-o-Sohrab", "Phool & Fools" "The Monkey's Paw", Dear Departed" and many more.

HARDIK SHAH Founder, President
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Victor Thoudam did his Bachelor's in physics honors from the University of Delhi in 2007. He studied acting at the National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi from 2009-2012. He was awarded the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship and went to London International School of Performing Arts, (LISPA), 2015-16, now Arthaus Berlin. He seeks for a consistent practice of preparing the body and mind rigorously to understand different psychophysical aspects and the performance space as an inclusive-ensemble between the artists and the audience. His work questioned and analyzed the relationship between the practice of theatre and the deep hidden social reality. He is also the recipient of the Serendipity Arts Grant for theatre 2020-21.

Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Gurinder Sethi, hailing from Punjab,brings with himself a lot of humor and earthiness. He is a post graduate from National School Of Drama with specialization in acting and also a research fellow researching on clowning and devised performances, his immense work include in films like "Ragdesh", soon to be released H2SO4, blackiya, Wah Zindagi, can we share.

GURINDER SETHI Second Year Professor
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

The courses taught by Chirag Garg are known for being both popular and memorable. Every class taught by Chirag Garg is not only demanding, but also provides great lessons for students to apply in their professional and personal lives. Chirag Garg is an actor, writer, and storyteller. A graduate from the National School Of Drama, his works include films like Raman Raghav 2.0 and soon to be released H2SO4 and Color Black. He also portrays the role of Durjan Singh in Mughal e Azam the play.

CHIRAG GARG Artistic Instructor
Acting School in Mumbai | Five Senses Theatre

Students Testimonials

Amazing experience. Absolutely feels like home while every mentor is very professional in their work. My special thanks to hardik shah sir, who give us a good environment where we feel proud. Five Sense Theater is known for providing acting courses in all over Mumbai.

Janak Seckyoo Acting Student

Working with five senses has been an amazing experience. You not only learn to act but also how the backstage works. You explore the other side of yourself and also what u can be. U are never restricted for your actions or speech. Teachers here are great supporters, guide and also friends .. You rock hardik sir

Aakanksha Meena Acting Student

Amazing Experience. Absolutely feels like home while every mentor is very professional in their work. Every student is paid attention to equally and this place offers a lot of opportunities fir those in this field already and those who want to be a part of it.

kanupriya Gupta Acting Student

If you're an aspiring artist, do not waste your money in enrolling to acting schools with lucrative names. That will just get you a nice certificate at the end, which won't get you work! Try to take a free demo class at Five Senses Theatre Group and if you think is worth your time and money go for the production oriented advanced workshop. That will not only get you an opportunity to perform in a play but also shape your inner artist for the long battle. Go for it, you may thank me later

Khan Ovais Acting Student

If you are looking for a great place for learning Acting, see no further. Five Senses is your destination. It is run and taught by a team of NSD graduates, who are all extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the art of acting. I deeply admired the dedication put in by all the faculty, especially Gurinder & Hardik to teach acting to a newbie like me and others. The focus is really on the basics and understanding the art rather than the 'instant fixes' which I believe helps the actor and his/her depth tremendously. The faculty is very friendly and you can reach out to them at any given time with your doubts/ ideas. if your are looking for acting class in Mumbai than I would highly recommend you Five Sense theater acting school

Bhushan Trivedi Acting Student

Had a great experience, the atmosphere, teachers are very friendly, ready to help you post the class hr , attention on individual student is given , most importantly the experience and learning from the class helped me to grow as an actor, i would highly recommend to join you five senses theatre group if you are beginner in acting. amongst all the competitor Five Sense Theater is one of the best acting school in Mumbai

Aniruddha Chavhan Acting Student

My experience at Five senses has been the most magical. After battling anxiety for majority of my teenage years, deciding to join and pursue a career in theatre was the toughest decision I ever made. The first two months into the course we were taught many exercises to improve our breathing, voice, actions, improv. We were also taught about our psychological blocks that sometimes inhibit our physical body. What i learnt was highly instrumental in developing myself as I realised how relatable it was to me and how acting is actually " A way of living". It's a kind of therapy in my opinion.

Bhushan Mhatre Acting Student

Best acting class for learning acting. Teacher are also very good take extra efforts for improving your craft and overall personality. one of the best and highly recommended acting class in Mumbai.

Aditi Acting Student

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Acting School in Mumbai Overview

In the heart of Andheri, Mumbai lies a hub for aspiring actors – the Five Senses Theater Group. A perfect confluence of tradition and modernity, this acting school offers a glimpse into the dynamic world of Indian theatre and cinema, producing performances that resonate across India and the world.

Why Join an Acting School in Mumbai?

  1. Bollywood & Theatre Epicentre: Mumbai, often called the city of dreams, is the epicentre of India’s film and theatre industry. Joining an acting school here provides unparalleled exposure and networking opportunities.
  2. Holistic Development: Beyond honing acting skills, these schools offer personal development, enhancing body language, voice modulation, and understanding human emotions.
  3. Professional Faculty: Mumbai boasts schools like Five Senses, run by prestigious NSD & FTII professionals ensuring top-notch guidance.

Scope of Acting Courses in Mumbai

With a plethora of acting courses, Mumbai promises a vast scope for budding actors. Whether one aspires to grace the silver screen, captivate theatre audiences, or simply explore the craft for personal growth, Mumbai offers the foundation and the platform.

Why FST for Acting Classes?

  1. Innovative Approach: Five Senses Theatre Group is not just an acting school, but a revolution in theatre. Their plays are interactive, evoking both emotion and thought.
  2. Diverse Courses: From an advanced acting course to a weekend crash course, or even a drama club for kids, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Experienced Faculty: With a team driven by NSD & FTII professionals, students receive unparalleled guidance.

Duration of Acting School in Mumbai

The duration varies based on the course:

  1. Advanced Acting Course: [Duration 4 months]
  2. Weekend Acting Course [Duration 2 months]
  3. Acting Crash Course: [Duration 15 Days]
  4. Speech And Drama Club For Kids: [6 months]

Additional Benefits of Training in Mumbai

  1. Cultural Diversity: Mumbai, with its melting pot of cultures, offers rich experiences and diverse roles for actors to train in.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Being in the hub of India’s entertainment industry, students get to meet and interact with professionals, aiding their career.
  3. Remember, choosing an acting school is the first step to realizing your cinematic dreams. With institutions like Five Senses Theatre Group, you’re not just learning; you’re evolving as an artist.

What's the eligibility to join an acting course?

There's no specific eligibility, but a passion for acting is a must.

Are there placement opportunities post the course?

Yes, Mumbai being the hub offers numerous opportunities for promising actors.

Can I join the course part-time while working or studying?

Yes, there are weekend and crash courses tailored for such needs.